01 June 2023

Milnerton Self Catering Apartment Rental Rates 2023

 Milnerton Self Catering Apartment Accommodation Holiday Rates 2023 /2024

Milnerton Self Catering Apartment Holiday Rates 2022 / 2023

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Blu-C Self Catering Apartment Milnerton (opposite Woodbridge Island) Cape Town, South Africa

Self Catering Apartment Milnerton Holiday Availability & Pricing

Rates per person / per night R485-00 (1 adult guest max / 2 nights min)

Rates R795-00 for 2 people per night (2 adult guests max / 2 nights min)

1-bedroom self catering accommodation apartment in security complex (with private parking bay) for international tourists, local visitors and photographers requiring Accommodation in Milnerton, Cape Town.

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